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REHOMING POODLES - that are homeless through Illness, Death, Divorce or unsuitability for family and misplaced.

Adoption - Forever Homes

We pull many dogs from shelters where they stand a chance of being euthanized especially if senior or matted and in poor physical and healthy condition.

We offer the dogs health care and grooming so we can find them their forever home and be loved and taken care of unconditionally.  Grooming every 5 weeks is essential for the dogs' wellbeing.

Long Term Foster Care for Senior Dogs

Many shelters consider poodles "senior" at age 8 yrs - this is usually less than their normal lifespan. Many poodles, especially the smaller ones live until 18yrs and more. There are many benefits to adopting a senior dog  - they are usually housetrained, fit easily into your home routine, love the company of another dog (poodles are especially very social) not destructive and provided they are fed good quality food and given basic health visits to the vet are very healthy. They may need a dental or two but this is normal due to their long lifespan.  Poodles are easily trained even at an older age - they are super smart and usually fairly active even if a senior.